The first biography of George Martin, the Beatles’ only producer


IN MODERN music, rock bands change producers every other album to aid in finding a new sound, and hip-hop artists use different producers on every other track. But throughout their eight-year recording career, the Beatles only had one producer: George Martin. What was it about him that allowed him to keep up with the most dynamic of bands?

Martin’s death last year was the impetus for the first volume of Kenneth Womack’s “Maximum Volume”, covering 1962-1966 and looking to answer that question. Mr Womack’s book profits from previous books by Geoff Emerick and Ken Scott, engineers at the Beatles’ Abbey Road studio sessions, and Mark Lewisohn’s revelatory “Tune In”, which went farther than anyone into the details of Martin’s private life and work before his meeting with the Fab Four. But Mr Womack’s is the first book dedicated to Martin himself, much celebrated, but still often treated as a fifth wheel than as what he truly was, the fifth Beatle. 

Mr Womack provides sorely needed new context about…Continue reading

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